Essay Competition 2023

Why take part in an Essay Competition

Naturally, there are more applications submitted than there are places available at competitive universities. Therefore, students are always trying to find ways to separate themselves from other applicants. Writing essays for external awards are a powerful way of showcasing to universities the academic passion you have for your chosen subject. It also highlights to university admissions tutors that you have the skill, passion and determination to complete a piece of academic writing outside the confines of the classroom.

ProEd have partnered with the Relaxed Snail Festina Lente Essay Award 2023 to give our prospective students the chance to win exclusive discounts for our suite of summer 2023 programmes. The award will give students the opportunity to stretch their academic abilities and showcase their passion by producing a 1500-word university-style essay.

Festina Lente Essay Award

The Festina Lente Essay Award is designed to give students a cutting edge advantage when submitting an application to top universities. Students will be required to submit a 1500-word essay, on a topic relevant to their course or subject of interest, which will be marked by a team of expert examiners using rigorous marking criteria.
All candidates who submit an essay will receive detailed feedback and marking on their essay, along with a signed certificate of achievement (if obtained a Grade C or above). The Festina Lente Award will assist students in gaining entry to top universities, as well as giving them a sneak peek into university-level learning, providing a head start for students on their university-level writing before they arrive.

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