About Us

ProEd et al was founded in 2020 by Dr Randall Perry, academic staff and past Royal Society Fellow at Imperial College, London. Our philosophy offers students passion-driven exploration into some of the words most exciting careers, designed to inspire students from all over the world ahead of university life.

Enhance Your Career Knowledge

In our programmes, we aim to create the ‘ultimate work experience’ through interactive simulations, site visits, seminars, networking sessions and career guidance.

We offer experiences in multiple careers, including (but not limited to), STEM-related professions such as Medicine, Engineering and Computer Science, as well Psychology, Law and Finance.

We work with industry leading experts, giving students a unique insight into their chosen career path. The theoretical and academic components of our programmes are developed by members of the academic faculty at Imperial College, London.

Leadership Team

Our experienced leadership team has been delivering premium education programmes for many years. Some pioneering the revolutionary project-based learning movement at top UK universities.

What Students Say About ProEd

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