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Summer University Courses In The UK

Experience a hands-on approach to learning with our tailored summer courses in London. Students can enjoy our residential cytomel generic courses on a 1 week or 2 week timetable. Our London summer school takes place at Imperial College, and offers supportive vocational programmes with unparalleled levels of expertise from industry professionals. We prepare students with exposure to the real world of their chosen profession with programme lectures, simulations, and workshops. Our internship programmes prepare students for the world of work in a proactive, non-traditional format.

University Preparation Courses for International Students

Our work experience programmes are suited for international students with the ambition to pursue university study full-time in the UK. With an emphasis providing bespoke programmes and real-life experiences within your chosen career path, ProEd specialises in preparing students for the real world. With a glimpse into what to expect at university and beyond, our hands-on approach prepares students for university-level study and beyond.

Online University Internships

We are proud to offer bespoke vocational programmes for students aged 13-18, preparing them for future academic success. Our online university preparation courses span a diverse range of subjects, including computer science, engineering, economics and finance, medicine, psychology, and law.


Developing Key Skills for Academic Success

Our work experience programmes are designed and developed to boost your super-curricular expertise, enhancing your university application to some of the best universities in the UK, and around the world. Our internships include project-based learning that can prepare students for their chosen careers, and learning key professional skills that stretch beyond traditional university education.

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