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Future Psychologist Summer Programme (13-15)

Price: £6,595


The Future Psychologist Summer Programme has been developed by experts within the field to offer students a fully immersive experience of working as a professional psychologist.

Over the course of the programme, you will dive into the world of psychology, learn the fundamentals of the profession, and discover the exciting career pathways open to you.

This 2-week experience offers the opportunity to delve into health, forensic and clinical, and sport psychology. You will participate in interactive seminars and workshops, designed to inspire curiosity, critical thinking, and reflection.

These sessions will include guest speakers, real life case studies, role plays and hands-on research experience. They will offer a taster of psychological techniques including mindfulness, cognitive behavioural therapy, and motivational interviewing. You will gain further insight into the practical application of psychology through visits to the Royal Courts of Justice and Royal London Hospital research departments. You will find out more about studying psychology at university level, and how to get started in developing your experience, on your career pathway to success.

The programme also features a crash course in developing the building blocks of your ‘Supercurricular Toolkit’ that will set you up for a successful university application.

Important Details


The timetable displayed is a guide only and may be subject to last minute changes


Royal London Hospital Experience

Step into the shoes of a clinical psychologist in an immersive day at a London Hospital

Royal Courts of Justice Experience

Explore the world of forensic psychology following a trial at the Royal Courts of Justice

Develop your ‘Supercurricular Toolkit’

Develop a personalised ‘supercurricular plan’ with our expert mentors

Certificate and Tutor Report

Certificate of completion and tutor report provided to all students who complete the programme

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