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Future Lawyer Summer Programme (13-15)

Price: £6,595


The Future Lawyer Summer Programme has been developed by experts within the field to offer students a fully immersive experience of working as a professional in the legal industry.

Over the course of the programme, you will dive into the world of law, learn the fundamentals of the profession, and discover the exciting career pathways open to you.

This 2-week experience offers the opportunity to delve into criminal law, the art of negotiating, legal research and drafting, advocacy skills and case preparation, conducting appeals, and international space law.

The programme includes a full day in London Court Room running a simulated live trial in a court setting with professionals from the industry and features a crash course in developing the building blocks of your ‘Supercurricular Toolkit’ that will set you up for a successful university application.

Important Details


The timetable displayed is a guide only and may be subject to last minute changes


Live Trial in Court Setting

Step into the shoes of a barrister and argue your case in a real court

Plan and Execute a Negotiation

Draft and conduct your own negotiation plan in a simulated workshop

Develop your University Application

Learn the skills required to develop a world-class university application

Certificate and Tutor Report

Certificate of completion and tutor report provided to all students who complete the programme

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