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Entrepreneur programmes

Future Entrepreneur Summer Programme (16-18)

Price: £6,595


A distinguished accelerator experience crafted specifically for the visionary youth, eager to pioneer the next wave of entrepreneurial ventures in the bustling heart of London.

For two transformative weeks, participants will traverse the high-octane realms of entrepreneurship. Envision sculpting strategies for potential billion-dollar empires, unlocking exclusive insights at Europe’s most innovative start-ups, and then, with newfound confidence, presenting revolutionary ideas to an audience of leading businesspeople, echoing the tension and thrill of Dragon’s Den.

Yet, there’s an added layer. Recognising the aspirations of our students, our curriculum seamlessly integrates a segment dedicated to mastering the university application journey, ensuring our proteges are not just industry trailblazers, but also academic standouts.

Important Details


The timetable displayed is a guide only and may be subject to last minute changes


Dragon's Den Style Pitch-Off

Present your revolutionary business ideas to a panel of venture capital experts.

Exclusive Glimpse into Europe's Leading Start-ups

Navigate the corridors of Europe’s most innovative start-ups and gain invaluable insights from the leaders who've made them thrive

Develop your University Application

Learn the skills required to develop a world-class university application

Certificate and Tutor Report

Certificate of completion and tutor report provided to all students who complete the programme.

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