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Back to School Medicine Programme

Price: £3,150


The Back to School suite of summer programmes has been designed with the start of the new school term in mind. With 1-2 weeks before most schools are back in session, this programme is ideal for students looking for in depth career insights ahead of their university application. The programme is also suitable for students interested in pursuing career curiosities ahead of the new school term.

The Back to School Medical Programme is an interactive experience that gives students aged 15-18 a fully immersive insight into the life of a professional working in the medical industry. Over the course of the week, you will explore a broad range of concepts including physiology, pathophysiology and clinical medicine.

With a focus on the gastrointestinal, respiratory, cardiovascular and neurological systems, you will explore how the body is meant to be working and what can go wrong. As well as exploring gold standard techniques, there will be valuable insights into the worlds of surgery and medical ethics. Students will also be given the opportunity to work alongside medical professionals using state-of-the-art medical school facilities in a hospital simulation. Using the knowledge developed over the course of programme; students will then work as part of a dynamic team to create a medical solution for a business that will be pitched to a panel of medical professionals.

The programme also features a crash course in developing a competitive medical school application.

Important Details


The timetable displayed is a guide only and may be subject to last minute changes


Develop Your Practical Skills

Develop your clinical skills in our daily ‘OSCE’ (Objective Structures Clinical Examinations) workshops. We will teach you gold standard methods for taking histories and performing physical examinations.

UCAS and Medical School Preparation

Understand the fundamentals of preparing for medical school in sessions dedicated to medical school interviews, UCAS and building a strong student profile.

Meet Senior Medical Staff

Meet and work alongside senior medical faculty members from leading London Hospitals.

Certificate and Tutor Report

Certificate of completion and tutor report provided to all students who complete the programme.

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