Environmental Biology Preparation Program

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  • July 4 - 8, 2022
  • 5 Day Program


Environmental Biology Preparation Program.  This course will serve as an introduction to the Ecological and Biological sciences, including ecology, molecular biology, global warming, polymerase chain reaction, cell biology, genetics, evolution, mammals, the oceans, insects, medicinal plants, bacteria, viruses, prions, and the search for life on other planets. Biology is a vast area of science. This survey will explore both its depth and breadth.




                Lion Kenya for Pro Ed et al. biology program

Environmental Biology Preparation Program.  Our course will act as an introduction to this exciting interdiciplinary field. We will focus on the origins, functions, relationships, interactions, and natural history of living populations, communities, species, and ecosystems in relation to dynamic environmental processes. Presenters will touch on the following areas: applied ecology, restoration ecology, molecular and microbiology, climate studies and meteorology, energy and environmental management, sustainable development, biodiversity and conservation, hydrology and water management, geology and earth sciences, genetics, biochemistry, evolution, botany and biotic relationships, zoology and marine biology.

Environmental Biology is a vast area of science. This survey will seek to explore both its depth and breadth.  Experts from major universities and industry will give lectures and workshops on issues in this wide-ranging field.



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5-10 days


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